Blind Date – with a book!

Event. Have you been bored lately? Do you want to be surprised? Are you interested in having a blind date… with a book? For the second time the Fachschaftsrat Anglistik/Amerikanistik organise a book hunt – and ask for your help. Do you have any books on your shelves that you do not want to keep anymore? Do you have any books that you have already read and do not plan to read again? Or maybe you even have several editions of the same book that you do not need? Then you are invited to hand in those books at the room of the Fachschaftsrat Anglistik/Amerikanistik (GB 6/151). You should attach a short description of the book – without spoiling the plot or naming the author, title or important characters. Leave out anything that could hint which book it is. You have until the 26th of June to hand in your books.

The actual book hunt takes place on the 2nd of July. Are you looking for something new to read? Do you want to discover some new-to-you books? Then you can try to find some of the books hidden in GB. The books will be hidden in the GB Cafeteria as well as on GB5 and GB6. However, if you find a book, you will not know which book it is. Instead the book will be wrapped in baking paper and there will only be the short description attached. Should said description intrigue you, you are welcome to take the book with you. And do not forget to tag the Fachschaftsrat (franglistik.rub) in your Instagram stories to be regrammed!