International Students Give Akafö High Ranking

The recent International Student Barometer (ISB) resulted in high rankings for the local Akademisches Förderungswerk (Akafö).

According to a survey conducted in late 2015 among 140.000 students in 18 European countries, the Akafö got ranked second in terms of a so called „culture of welcome“. This category analyses the advice international students are given upon their arrival at their new place of study. 

The living situation which the Akafö offers is also well received – the student dorms score third place in a Europe-wide comparison. The Akafö’s gastronomy and counselling institutions are also ranked third.

Yet, students from abroad still consider finding friends in their respective host country the main problem. The Akafö seeks to counteract this by running programs like „Study Buddy“ and „BeComing Friends“. 

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