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20 years ofChinese-German Cooperation
The chinese garden: A gift from Tongji University. Bild: Jan Turek

:BSZ international. The Chinese-German University College (CDHK) celebrated its 20th anniversary in Berlin on 14 May. Representatives of the RUB were also present.

One of the biggest computer games fair in Germany
Cosplay-contest: an annual highlight for participants and audience. Foto: Medienservice:Koelnmesse Bilddatenbank

:bsz international. The gamescom took place in Cologne from August 22 to August 26 and offered space for console-, mobile-, online-, PC-gaming, virtual reality and e-sports. 

Reporters Without Borders: Situation of journalists got worse
Media is being violated globally: Will the access to unbiased news be limited in democracies as well? Bearbeitung: tom

:bsz International. Reporters Without Borders (RWB) published their World Press Freedom Index. The result shows an “ever darker world map”. Three additional countries are now coloured black.

Circular Decree: The Federal Foreign Office restricts reunifications of refugee families
The outcome of bureaucracy: A stamp with six letters has the power to divide families by restrictions.

:bsz international. The Federal Foreign Office (FFO) adopts a circular decree and defines new guidelines making family reunification effectively impossible. The Federal Government maintains its course of restriction policy, claiming victims on a daily basis.

:bsz international: PEDAL researching the importance of plays
Paint with all the colours of the wind: If there’s a reason why kids should play, then adults should play, too! Foto: lux

:bsz international: Cambridge University is researching the importance of play and playful learning for children. But do we ever outgrow the need for fun-filled activities?

:bsz International: 60 years ago: Start of the Cuban revolution
Founding Fathers of modern Cuba: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Foto: Public Domain

On November 25, 1956, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and 80 other revolutionaries boarded a yacht in Mexico. They began a journey which led them to the conquest of Cuba in 1959 and the creation of a socialist republic which still survives.

Drug policy: Politicians want harm reduction not prohibition

Last week, a 27-year old man died after partying, probably due to toxic drugs. Two friends of him were also intoxicated, and hence hospitalised. In the meantime, police have interrogated a suspect from Bochum, who is said to have allegedly sold the toxic pills. North­rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW) left-wing party Die Linke now demands drug checks to avoid more drug-related deaths.

Deutsche Bahn: Timetable change too optimistic
Five minutes: Time is relative – and so is the question of whether or not you’ll catch your train. Foto: Public Domains

If you’ve travelled with German Rail, odds are that you’ve encountered the time unit known as “Deutsche-Bahn-Minute” (DBM). As a frequent traveller, you know that five DBM’s can mean basically anything from “right on time” to “the train is still stuck in Narnia”. Consequently, it should be taken with a pinch of salt when an official statement reads that changing trains will only add five minutes to the total length of your trip. 

Human chain in Bochum: 8.500 residents participated in nationwide campaign
Human chain against racism in Bochum. Foto: tims

The nationwide campaign „Hand in Hand Against Racism“ on June 18 and 19 was a big success in Bochum: According to the organiser, a total of  8.500 citizens participated and transformed the area between Bochum Central Station, “Kirmesplatz” and city hall into a 3.4 kilometre long human chain. The aim was to demonstrate against racism and stress the importance of an open-minded Germany. 

:bsz International
How to survive Euro 2016 in Germany

It happened: A mob of screaming people, clad in white, black, red, and gold, waving flags, banging on their drums. And you’re slap bang in the middle. No, it’s not war – it’s worse. It’s football. The 2016 UEFA European Championship, to be precise. Fear not! If you pay heed to our advice you’ll survive being caught behind enemy lines – probably.