Hand in Hand against Racism
Nationwide campaign: Human chain against racism
 Over 8.500 people formed a 3.4 kilometre long human chain: Bochum’s citizens protest peacfully against racism. Foto: tims
Bochum’s clear statement against racism: Over 8.500 people took part in the nationwide campaign “Hand in hand against rascism” and formed a 3.4 kilometre long human chain. Between Bochum Central station, „Kirmesplatz“ and city hall, the participants created a peaceful and friendly atmosphere as part of the national migration day. 
The closing event took place at Dr.-Ruer-Platz with several speeches and musical entertainment.
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Human chain in Bochum: 8.500 residents participated in nationwide campaign
Human chain against racism in Bochum. Foto: tims

The nationwide campaign „Hand in Hand Against Racism“ on June 18 and 19 was a big success in Bochum: According to the organiser, a total of  8.500 citizens participated and transformed the area between Bochum Central Station, “Kirmesplatz” and city hall into a 3.4 kilometre long human chain. The aim was to demonstrate against racism and stress the importance of an open-minded Germany. 

Hand in Hand against Racism: Human Chain in Bochum

Racism is an issue that German society is confronted with on a daily basis. On June 18 and 19, the nationwide campaign/action „Hand in hand against racism – for human rights and diversity“ seeks to take a stand against xenophobia while emphasising humanity, diversity and open-mindedness.