International Students

Interview. Christmas time this year is especially difficult for international students. Some can go home, others have to stay in Germany, be it for travel restrictions or for personal safety concerns. Alyona has been in Germany for two years now and is one of those that couldn’t go home to their family, who are in Russia, for a year now. We spoke to her about holiday traditions, her family and how she spends her first German Christmas.

Home sick? – How to spend X-mas in Germany
A taste of holiday: Glühwein at a German Xmas Market. Foto: ck

Looking outside the window, seeing streets covered in a white coat of snow, the first thought that comes to mind is: it‘s X-mas time. Everywhere we go we see decorations, exhibitions in shops, X-mas Markets, adverts in TV. The holiday frenzy is almost everywhere, it seems as if we can’t escape from it.