International Students

Interview. Christmas time this year is especially difficult for international students. Some can go home, others have to stay in Germany, be it for travel restrictions or for personal safety concerns. Alyona has been in Germany for two years now and is one of those that couldn’t go home to their family, who are in Russia, for a year now. We spoke to her about holiday traditions, her family and how she spends her first German Christmas.

How students feel about the presidential election
Among students, the image is clear: Hillary Clinton is more qualified and thus the better choice for the presidency. Photos: Michael Vadon/wikimedia commons CC BY-SA (Trump), Gage Skidmore/wikimedia commons CC BY-SA (Clinton)

On November 8, a new (wo-)man in power will commence their reign in the USA. The portrayal of the candidates in the media is clear. But how do students in America feel about the upcoming announcement? The :bsz has contacted reporter Susanne Jaworski, who is studying for her Master’s degree in Boston at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and questioned students about Clinton and Trump. She will provide us with her very own impression as well.